Only Men Aloud

Serendipity - Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

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Image of Serendipity - Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Serendipity were a mixed voice choir from South Wales, who released this album in 2006. The male voices of Only Men Aloud were added to an equal number of female voices and they were conducted by Tim Rhys-Evans.

Tracks from this album are still frequently played on Classic FM and the album has been critically acclaimed.

Track Listing

1. Aberystwyth
2. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
3. Frolocket Ihr Volker Auf Erden
4. Agnus Dei
5. The Lord Bless You and Keep You
6. Gonna Set Down and Rest Awhile
7. Lay A Garland
8. Benedictus
9. Lux Aurumque
10. This Little Light of Mine
11. Souls of the Righteous
12. O Nata Lux
13. Give Me Jesus
14. I Was Glad